About Creating Products for Your Store

Selling products requires the Weebly Starter plan or better. Unlimited products and digital products require the Business plan or better. Gift cards require the Performance plan.

Weebly supports four different types of products:

  • Physical: Goods that actually must be delivered to the customer. Weebly supports any type of product you can sell, and has the ability for you to offer different options for a product, like different sizes or colors.

  • Digital: Files that the customer downloads. For example, you might sell recipes that your customers can download. Or apps. Or songs. You upload it and your customers can download it. You can set up download limits and restrict availability to certain geographic areas.

  • Services: Non-tangible goods, such as landscaping, or babysitting. Any service you can offer your customers can be sold on Weebly.

  • Gift Cards: Email cards that your customers can purchase for their friends and family to redeem. You decide the denominations for sale.

There are slightly different procedures for creating each type. Check out the following topics for more info.

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