About Managing Orders

Your store's set up and running and now you're getting orders! Don't panic! Weebly has plenty of options to make managing your orders a breeze.

Once you get an order, you'll need to fulfill it. Most of that takes place outside of Weebly. But you will need to update the status of orders and their items as they go through your fulfillment process.

To view your orders, go to STORE > Orders. You can configure how many orders display per page at the bottom of the Order table. You can search through all orders using the following information:

  • Customer name
  • Customer zip code
  • Customer phone number
  • Customer city
  • Order number

And you can filter by status.


There are several types of Order statuses depending on the type of product that was purchased (physical, digital, service or gift card). Here’s a quick overview of each status:

  • Pending (physical): The item was purchased from your store, but you’ve taken no further action yet. This is the default state for new orders.
  • Canceled (physical, services): You've marked the order as canceled.
  • Shipped (physical): You’ve prepared the item for shipping and logged the tracking information, and shipped the item(s). This status must be manually selected by you.
  • Returned (physical, services): The customer changed their mind and sent item(s) back to you. You manually select this after receiving the item(s).
  • Sent (digital products, services): The service or item was paid for. For digital items, the link or card has been emailed to the customer.
  • Completed (services): You’ve provided the service that the buyer paid for and marked it as completed on the order.
  • Refunded (all product types): You’ve issued a refund to the buyer. The item may or may not have been shipped or returned.

Note: Gift cards can only be refunded if no amount has been redeemed.

Status by product type

Physical Digital Services
Pending Sent Sent
Canceled Refunded Canceled
Shipped  --  Returned
Returned  --  Refunded
Refunded  -- Completed

You can manage orders individually, or you can manage multiple orders at once - for example mark more than one order as shipped.

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