Manage Multiple Orders at Once

Depending on the order status, you can perform certain actions en masse right from the Order list. This is handy if, for example, you need to print receipts to ship with several orders.

Following are the actions that can be taken for orders at certain statuses:

  • Pending orders can be cancelled or printed
  • Orders marked as shipped can be marked as returned or printed
  • Digital and service orders can be marked as complete.

All orders can be batch printed regardless of status or type.

To change the status of multiple orders, go to STORE > Orders, click the checkboxes for the orders to change, and then click the appropriate button at the top of the page. Status for all the selected orders will change.


Note: Some actions (refunding and marking as shipped) can only be performed one at a time from the individual order page. This is because these actions require additional information, so it isn’t possible to process in bulk.

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