Add Selectable Options (Like Size or Color) to a Product

Selling shirts in four different sizes and colors? A spa service with standard and deluxe packages? Adding multiple options to products allows your customers to choose exactly the right item. You can set up options for Physical and Service product types.

To add options to a product, click on the product from product list (STORE > Products). Under Product Options, click Add Options.


Use the dialog to create each of the different variations of your product.

For example, let's say you're selling a T-shirt, and it comes in two colors: red and blue. Let's also say it comes in three sizes: S, M, and L.

First, you choose the input type. This determines what your customers use to make a selection on the product page. You can choose from a dropdown list, radio buttons, color blocks, or text input.

To create the color options, let's choose Color Choice.

Now, you need to enter a title for the option. This title displays above the input, so the customer knows what they are selecting. For title, let's enter T-Shirt Color.

Lastly, you enter the different choices using a comma-separated list. We'll enter Blue, White. Click the black squares to select a different color.

Now we need to create the Size option.

To add an additional option, click Add Option in the dialog.

A new row is added.

For Size, let's select Dropdown list for the Input Type, enter T-Shirt Size for the Option Title, and S, M, L for the Option Choices.

You can reorder the options by dragging them, and you can delete them as well.

Once you've created your options, click Save. They now appear on the product page as individual SKUs (a SKU represents each individual option available for a product. If a product doesn't have options, then it has a single SKU).

You can choose individual images for each of the SKUs by clicking on the image boxes at the far right and selecting from the images already uploaded for your product.

Once you've created your options, your product displays with the controls that make it easy for your customer to select the variation they want.

Note: The maximum number of SKUs a single product can have is limited to 120, which helps ensure that your Store performs at its best. What if you have a product with a very large number of variants? Not to worry - you can create additional products to split up the number of options. For example, if you're selling T-shirts in 4 sizes and each size has 35 different prints/colors to choose from, you would make a separate product for each size or for each color. That way your options don’t exceed the limit, but your customers can still find and purchase exactly what they want.

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