Create a Coupon

Coupons require the Weebly Business plan or better.

You can offer coupons to your customers as incentives to buy your products. You can create three different types of coupons:

  • % Discount
  • $ Discount
  • Free Shipping (you must first set up shipping rates to offer this type).


Note: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) prohibits misleading "former price comparisons." If you advertise or promote item(s) at a discounted price, it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re meeting the FTC’s guidelines. We recommend you reach out to a legal expert if you have questions about the FTC’s guidelines.


To create a coupon, go to Store > Coupons and click Add Coupon.


Enter a unique code for your coupon. This will be the text you’ll give your customers to enter at checkout, so choose something that makes sense with the kind of discount you’re offering.

You can also limit the number of customers who can use the coupon (like the first 150, for example). If you want to make only a limited number available, uncheck the Unlimited option and enter the number of coupons below that.

You can make the coupon valid only for a specific timeframe, like say next Wednesday through the following Sunday. To set an availability time period, uncheck Never Expires and enter the start and end dates. Dates are inclusive - that is, if you enter 9/1/16 - 9/15/16, the coupon will be valid on both 9/1 and 9/15.

Lastly, choose the type of discount (percent off, dollars off, or free shipping) and how the discount will be applied using the Discount Details fields. Select one of the following:

  • All orders: The coupon is valid for all orders, as long as they meet any date restrictions you've set up.
  • Orders over a certain amount: The coupon will only be valid if the order is over a specific dollar amount. Enter that amount in the field below. The amount is inclusive - that is, if the coupon is valid on orders over $10, and the order amount is $10, the coupon will be valid.
  • Specific categories: Select the category or categories that the coupon can be applied to. The coupon will be valid as long as any products assigned to that category are in the order.
  • Specific products: Select the product(s) that the coupon can be applied to. The coupon will be valid only when that product(s) is in the order.

    : You can only select products, and not individual SKUs or options of a product. For example, you can only select a T-shirt, not a red T-shirt in size XL.

Once the coupon has been saved and you've published the site, customers will be able to enter the coupon at checkout for any orders that fit the criteria and limitations you entered while creating the coupon.

Note: The coupon will not work until the site is published. However, any changes made to the coupon once published will take effect immediately.

Customers will see their discount applied immediately after entering the coupon code. All discounts are applied pre-tax and pre-shipping rates.

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