Import, Export, and Batch Update Products with a CSV File

So you've started to set up your store - you have a home page, you've figured out your categories, and now you've started entering products and WOW! If you have more than 20 products, the process of entering them can be time consuming. You can save a lot of time using the import/export feature instead. Importing and exporting might also make sense if you have a lot of changes to make to a number of products.

It makes sense to use this feature when:

  • You have more than 20 products to enter
  • You have product information stored in another system
  • You want to make updates to a number of different products

About Exporting and Importing
When you export your store, your product information is placed in a CSV (comma-separated-values) spreadsheet that you can open using any spreadsheet app, like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers - you get the idea.

Here's what the sheet looks like:

Tip: If you use Google Sheets, you'll need move the file to your Google Drive and open the CSV file from the Google Drive app (and not from Google Sheets). From the Google Drive Preview, you can open in Google Sheets.

Each line in the sheet represents an individual product. If your product has product options, there's a line item for every possible product option combination. For example, if your product has an option of size, and is available in S, M, and L, then you'll have three separate line items for that product. 

Note: You can not import or export gift cards. 

When you import, your spreadsheet must have these exact columns, and the information that is generated by Weebly. For this reason, always start an import by first exporting the file. Then you can edit that file and import it back in. When you import, any products with new information are updated. Any new products are added .You can't delete products this way, so don't worry if you're importing a file with only a few of your products. All your existing products will remain. More on that in the instructions.

When using the import/export feature, your workflow might look like this:


You create one dummy product in Weebly and then export that to a CSV file. You open the CSV file and then edit that product and add all your other products. Then you import it all back in.

This table will help you to understand what each column in the spreadsheet expects. Some columns (like PRODUCT ID) should never be edited, so pay careful attention to that!

Product Spreadsheet Columns

 Field Name  Description  Can I Edit?  Required?
PRODUCT_ID An ID that Weebly gives to each product. NO!
Weebly generates this value. If creating a new product, leave it blank.
TITLE The name for your product. This normally shows up below your product image on a category page and next to the image on the product page. Yes X
DESCRIPTION A description for your product. Yes.
Formatting in the spreadsheet will NOT be saved. You can format text, once imported.
IMAGE This is the URL to the product's main image in the Weebly system. If you have multiple product images and want them to be exported, you'll need to add the images to another SKU in the product options. Don't edit this field or delete it. If you need to add an image, you can do that after the import.  NO!
This is a Weebly-specific URL. Do not add, change, or delete.
CATEGORIES These are the categories that this product will be shown with. If the product belongs to a sub-category, only the sub-category (and not any parent category(ies) is displayed. If a product belongs to more than one category, all are displayed with commas separating each. Yes  
TRACK INVENTORY TRUE if you want Weebly to track the inventory, FALSE if you don't. If you enter TRUE, make sure you have a quantity entered in the INVENTORY column. Yes X
TAXABLE TRUE if tax should be charged for the product, FALSE if not. If you enter TRUE, make sure you set up your taxes! Yes X
SKU This is a number you enter to represent a singular version of this product. If you use another system to track your products, make sure you use the same SKU number here. NO! If you use a different SKU number, a new SKU will be created.  
PRICE The regular sales price. Yes  
SALE PRICE A sale price. This is displayed next to the striked-out original price. Yes  
INVENTORY The number of products you have available to sell. Yes  
WEIGHT The weight of an individual product Yes  
PRODUCT TYPE Products can be either tangible goods that you can handle, digital goods that can be downloaded, or a service that you provide.

Yes, but must be one of the following:

  • physical
  • digital (only available on Business plan or better)
  • service
OPTION NAME Name to be used for this option, for example, size or color. NO! If you edit the option, a new option will be created.  
OPTION TYPE How the option choices are displayed in the store.

Yes, but must be one of the following:

  • dropdown
  • multiple choice
  • color choice
  • text input
OPTION VALUE The value for this particular version of the product (the option choice) Yes  

Starting From Scratch - Import Everything
You can import all your products into your store, but because your spreadsheet needs to have very specific columns and be formatted in a very specific way, you always need to start your import with an export.

But what about when you're starting from scratch? Just go into STORE > Products and create one product. Fill out every field that you'll be using in your store. This way, when you export the file, it will have a great example of how to fill in the columns.

Export Products
TIP:If you are going to sell digital or service products, or products that have options, then before exporting, you should first create example products of these using Weebly. This way, you'll have examples exported into your CSV file and you'll be able to use those for reference when you update your spreadsheet.

To export products, go to STORE > Products, and click Export Products. The CSV file will be sent to the email associated with the person currently logged in.

Import Products

When you import products, Weebly looks for existing products with the same IDs as the ones in the spreadsheet. If it finds them, it updates them with the values from the spreadsheet. If it doesn't find them, then it creates a new product.

To import products:

  1. Go to STORE > Products and click Import Products

  2. Choose Import CSV file. (You can also import Shopify and Etsy products), and click Continue.
  3. Click Select CSV File
  4. Choose the CSV file to upload and once the dialog shows that the CSV file is ready to import, click Import.
    You're shown a page displaying the values from the spreadsheet. Review it to make sure everything looks ok. Weebly checks each line item in the spreadsheet against what is currently in the store. Based on the product ID, it updates any existing products and adds new products. You'll see a message stating how many products will be created, how many will be updated, and how many will be deleted.

  5. If you want to go back and make more changes, click Cancel. Otherwise, click Import.

Your products are now imported!

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