Set Up Currency, Weight, and Cart Options

The General Settings area on the Setup page is where you can set your store currency, the unit of measure used, and how your cart should behave.

Configure Currency
We provide numerous currency options for your store. The currency you choose is what is displayed on product prices in your store, and it is the currency used to process your payments. Weebly supports all the currencies currently available through our payment processors, such as Stripe or Square. You can select only one currency per store, but that doesn't mean people who use other currencies can't make purchases; it just means their purchases will be processed in the currency you've selected. The credit card processor converts their payment from their currency to your currency.

Note: If the currency you want is not listed, it's likely that our current payment processors don't support it. We’re always updating our list when a payment processor adds support for a new currency.

Changing the currency changes the currency symbols displayed to your customers. You'll need to click Publish for currency changes to take effect on your live site.


To set your currency, go to the Store page and then click Setup in the sidebar. Scroll down to General and click Edit. Use the Currency drop-down to select the right one for your store.


Set Up Units of Measure

Weebly supports either the imperial or the metric system for unit of measure.
To set the unit of measure, in the General section of the Store > Setup page, choose the one that's right for your location.


Selling Just One Product? Skip the Cart!

By default, your store will use a shopping cart. Your customers browse through your store, choosing items to add to their cart. Once ready to purchase, they open the cart page, review their selections and then move on to the checkout flow where they enter payment information and place their order.

However, you can set up your store so that it bypasses the cart. On your product pages, instead of having an "Add to Cart" button, it says "Buy Now." When clicked, the customer goes directly to the checkout flow. This is useful if your store has just one product, or if customers typically only purchase one item at a time.

To skip the cart, in the General area of the Store > Setup page, select the Buy Now option.


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