Configure Your Checkout Flow

Checkout functionality requires the Weebly Starter plan or better.

Payment is a big part of the checkout process, but there's more to it than that. You can post your store policies on returns and shipping (always a good idea, so there's no misunderstandings), and you can add a field to the checkout flow that allows your customers to communicate with you about their order. Lastly, if you use an email program, like Weebly Promote, you can add an option for customers to opt into receiving marketing emails from you.

Store Policies (Return & Shipping)
It's always a good idea to let your customers know your store policies before they place orders with you. Doing so prevents misunderstandings that might cost you that customer.
Weebly allows you to create the following policies:

  • Return: Tells a customer how your store handles returns. As an example, it might answer the following: How do they contact you about a return? Do they get a refund or a credit? Do they need to pay shipping for a return?
  • Shipping: Tells the customer everything they need to know about how shipping is handled at your store, except the actual rates. For example, you might tell them how long the lead time is before orders are shipped. Or you might explain your shipping rates in more detail, to help them make a decision about which rate to choose.


Once created, the policies are displayed on the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages. 

To create return and shipping policies, go to STORE > Setup > Checkout and scroll to Store Policies. Click Edit and enter text for your policies. Click Save when done.

Add a Note to Seller

The Note to Seller field enables your shoppers to do exactly what it sounds like: leave a note for you, the seller. This field is useful for special instructions (like "Please don't include an invoice, this is a gift!") or just to let your shoppers say hello when as they make a purchase.

The field appears on the actual payment page and looks like this this:

To add a Note text box, go to STORE > Setup > Checkout and scroll down to Checkout Options. Click Edit, turn on Enable Note to Seller, and click Save.

You'll need to publish your site for the note field to display.

Make Customer Phone Numbers Optional

By default, your customers are required to enter their phone numbers when they create an order. To make phone numbers optional, go to STORE > Setup > Checkout and scroll down to Checkout Options. Click Edit, turn on Make phone number optional, and click Save.

Marketing Opt-in

It's best practice to ask your customers if they are interested in receiving your marketing emails. If you're using Weebly Promote as your email campaign application, Weebly can add a field to the checkout page that allows customers to opt-in to your email program.

Once they opt in, you can manage their subscription to your emails through Weebly Promote.

To add an opt-in checkbox, go to STORE > Setup > Checkout and scroll down to Checkout Options. Click Edit, turn on Enable marketing opt-in checkbox, and click Save.


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