Add a Digital Product

 Selling digital goods requires the Business Plan or better

Digital Products (eBooks, music, movies, anything your customers download) are added in much the same way as physical products.

Add a Digital Product

To add a digital product go to Store > Products and click Add Product and be sure to select Digital Good as the Product Type.


Restrict the Download of Digital Products

You can set a limit either on how many times the files can be downloaded by a customer, or how long the files are available. Without a limit, it may be too easy for your customer to share the link with other people. Use the Download Limit field to create your limit. 


When setting the number of days or number of downloads, keep in mind that some customers will make a mistake when first downloading the file such as accidentally deleting the file or something else that you might not expect. So don't make the limit too small - you want to give them some leeway so they don't have to contact you if there's a problem. Providing a download limit of 5 to 10 days or 5 to 10 downloads is a good rule of thumb so your customers have some room for error.

You can also restrict the availability of digital goods based on geographic location. See Restrict Digital and Service Products for more info.

Upload the File(s)

To upload the file(s) that your customers will download, scroll down to the Digital Downloads section and click Upload Files. You can upload as many files as needed.


Customer Experience

When your customer purchases a digital item, they'll be able to download that item the moment they check out, as we display the link on their order confirmation page. 

They’ll also receive an email that includes the download link. And you will receive a copy of the email as well, giving you a backup of the link that you can provide them in case they lose their email.


Digital products are functionally the same as physical products in terms of how you sell and display them in your store.

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