Add a Service Product

Are you a landscaper, a dog groomer, or anyone with a service to sell? Then the service product type is for you.


Add a Service Product

Click the Add Product button at the top of Store > Products, select Service from the Product Type menu, and fill in the basic information. If you want to add different options to your service, such as length of time or extra features for a higher fee, scroll down and click on Add Options. 


Choose an input type and a title for it, and then add the choices for that option. You can create more with the Add Option button. Save your changes to see your new options and click to edit the price or add different images for each.

Restrict a Service Product

By default, your service product is available all over the world. You can restrict the availability based on geographic location. See Restrict Digital and Service Products for more info.

That’s it! Your customers can pay for your service online quickly and securely, just like with physical or digital products.

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