Allow Customers to Personalize Products

When you sell products that can be customized (like monogramming), you need a way for your customer to enter that customization when they order. Every product has a custom text option that you can turn on to allow text input by your customers.

Custom text works the same as other product options like size or color, except your customer can specify exactly what they want before they add the item to their cart.

When you’ve set up the basic product info and are ready to add your options, click the Add Options button, and then choose Text Input from the Input Type menu.

Select Text Input from the list, and edit the fields as needed. What if you have a limited amount of space for text on your product? No problem - simply add a maximum length for the text. This will prevent your customers from entering more text than you can fit. If you don’t enter anything for max length, then there won’t be a limit on the number of characters they can enter. You can also choose to make this a required option. Otherwise, your customers can purchase the item without adding any personalization.

What if you want to offer more than one custom text option for your item? You can add as many text options to a single product as you want, with individual settings for max length and requirement.

Buyers have the chance to look over their custom text in the cart before they checkout, so they can go back to make changes if necessary. These options will also be displayed on their receipt and on the order information in your Store tab.


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