Batch Edit Products, Categories, and Coupons

If you’ve got a store with lots of products, categories, or coupons, you can save time by making use of batch editing. Batch editing allows you to make changes across multiple products, categories, or coupons at once.

To batch edit products, from the Store page, click on Products, and then select the items you want to modify by clicking their checkbox. You can select products individually, or select all products displayed on the current page using the topmost checkbox. Once you’ve made your selections, choose which action you’d like to take using the buttons at the top right.


In addition to copying and deleting multiple products at once, you can also add products to categories, turn sales tax on or off, and hide from or show in the store.

Categories and coupons can only be deleted when multiple items are selected.

To perform batch actions on categories, go to STORE > Products > Categories, select the categories you want to delete, and click Delete. Note that subcategories are automatically selected when the parent category is selected, so always double check before confirming a delete action, as this can’t be undone.


You can also delete coupons in batches.  To do so, go to Store > Coupons, select the coupons you want to remove, and click Delete.


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