Accept Payments

You might have the best merchandise or services to offer, but none of this is going to work if you're not going to get paid. In order to accept payments online, you'll need to set up an account with a payment processor. They'll take care of collecting the payment from your customer and passing it on to you. Most offer multiple currency support and multiple credit cards. However, for that convenience, you'll likely have to pay them a percentage of each sale.

Note: Each payment processor offers different currencies, different transaction fees, and different payment schedules. Research each and choose the one best for your business.

Weebly partners with the following payment processors and integrates their services directly into your cart and order processing:

 Payment Processor  Minimum Weebly Plan  Notes
 Stripe  All plans  Credit cards can only be processed online. Can accept Apple Pay and Android Pay
 Square  Starter plan and above  Credit cards can be processed online or in person.  Business plan and above  Credit cards can only be processed online.
 Paypal  Business plan and above  Funds are sent from a customer's PayPal account to yours

You can choose one credit card processor and you can also choose PayPal. That means you can take one of these three approaches to transactions within your Weebly store: 

  • Accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay (with Stripe only)
  • Accept all major credit cards only (w/ Stripe, Square, or
  • Accept PayPal only
  • Accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay (w/ Stripe only) + PayPal
  • Accept all major credit cards (w/ Stripe, Square, or + PayPal


If you go with one of the last two choices, then your customers can pay for their purchases either with their credit card or by logging in to their PayPal account. Your customer’s check out flow would look like this:

If you use only PayPal, or the customer chooses to use PayPal when offered both, then the customer will be redirected to PayPal to log into their account and make the payment.

Note: If you have already configured an existing store to use PayPal, you may be asked to upgrade your account. Weebly recommends that you accept this upgrade. More here.

To set up a payment processor, go to STORE > Setup > Checkout.


Click Connect to create an account with a processor, or to link to one you already have. Creating an account is painless, but does require you to provide your banking and other business information, so make sure you have that handy. It's also important that you understand each vendor's transaction fees, so read their terms carefully.

Note: When you first connect to Stripe you'll be able accept payments immediately, but you will still need to activate your account. You'll receive a reminder email from Stripe with instructions on how to do that. Be sure to act promptly - if you don't complete the process within a couple of weeks, any payments you have received through your Stripe account will be automatically refunded. 

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