Track and Handle Abandoned Carts

Abandoned cart tracking and handling requires the Performance plan.

Everyone deserves a second chance - especially you and your customers. We all know that from time to time, customers don't purchase what they've placed in their cart. The reasons are many and varied; sometimes they just weren't quite sure about the purchase, often it's simply because they were interrupted and forgot. And that means lost sales for you.

With the Abandoned Cart feature you can give those carts a second chance. When enabled, an email is sent if the customer creates a cart, enters an email in the checkout flow, but then doesn't complete the order after a predetermined time period. That email includes a link back to the cart where they can complete the order.
Note: This is Weebly's default email for abandoned carts. You can fully customize it to match your store.
The abandoned cart email is sent when:
  • The customer has made it to the checkout flow and entered an email.
  • The configured amount of time has passed after the cart was last updated by the customer.
If the customer returns to the cart and purchases items before the configured time, then the email isn't sent.
If items sell out by the time they return, the cart will not display those, but does display a message stating that something in the cart changed. Same is true if the price of an item in their cart changes.
You can view statistics about abandoned carts in your store, including how many were converted to actual sales.
Enable Abandoned Cart Tracking and Email
When you enable the Abandoned Cart email, you set the amount of time that should elapse between the customer leaving the cart and your email being sent. You can also customize your email to match your store.
To enable the email:
  1. Go to STORE > Orders > Abandoned Carts and click Enable.
    The Email Settings area is now active.

    Note: Emails will be sent when a cart is abandoned from this point on. Any carts abandoned prior to enabling the feature will not trigger an email.

  2. Set the amount of time that should pass before the email is sent out. 

  3. Optionally customize your abandoned cart email
    Weebly provides a default email but you have the ability to fully customize it to match your store. The default will be sent until you save your customized email.
    The email contains the following:
  • A Complete Order button that navigates back to their cart in your store.
  • Your store name. Your store contact info appears in the footer.
  • Your "call to action" - a message prompting the user to return to your store to complete the purchase. For example, you might use "Hurry! Quantities are limited - don't miss out!"
  • Each item's info - image, quantity, and description
  • Your store policies.
If you no longer want to manage abandoned carts, click Disable. Emails will no longer be sent when carts are abandoned. If there are emails in the queue to be sent, they won't be sent.
View Abandoned Cart Statistics
You can view any abandoned carts over a period of 7 days, 3 days, or the lifetime of your store.
You can see the following details:
  • Number of abandoned carts
  • Total dollar amount of purchases created from abandoned carts (Total Recovered)
  • Percentage of sent emails that customers opened (Open Rate)
  • Percentage of customers that clicked the link in the email to return to the cart (Click Rate)
  • Percentage of customers that completed the purchase (Recovered)
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