Weebly Gift Cards

Selling gift cards requires the Performance plan.

Note: Gift Cards come with legal implications specific to your location. For example, some states require merchants to pay the state for unused gift cards after a certain number of years. If you plan on selling gift cards, it's in your best interest to speak with a professional about selling and managing gift cards.


If you’re a Performance plan subscriber, you can offer gift cards in your store. Your customers can buy these cards in pre-set dollar amounts that you configure and use the balance to purchase any item in your store.


To set up gift cards, go to Store > Products > Gift Cards and click the Enable button, then click Edit Details.


Gift cards are created in much the same way as any other product - you can upload images, write a description and select categories. The main difference is the pricing, which is configured in the product options.




There are three default options that you can edit or remove, but you do need to have at least one option. Type in the dollar amounts you want to offer to buyers and use the Add Amount link to create more options. When you’re done editing all of the details, click save to return to the gift card page. You can now add the gift card to your store like any other product.




When a customer buys a gift card, they can choose who it will be sent to and include a note to that person. After the purchase is complete, an email containing the redemption code, dollar amount, and buyer’s message will be sent to the address the buyer entered. You can customize the look and messaging for this email in Store > Store Emails.




Once you’ve sold at least once gift card, you can track and manage them from Store > Products > Gift Cards. You can download all gift card data to a CSV file using the Export button.  Use the search field or filter to locate any card, and click on it to view sender and recipient info, card balance, and any transactions where the gift card was used.

You can also re-send, reissue, or cancel a gift card. What’s the difference between these actions?


You might re-send a gift card if the recipient says they didn’t receive the email or can’t find it. This will send out the original redemption code email to the email address entered at the time of purchase.

If a customer contacts you to say they entered the wrong email address when purchasing the gift card, you would use the reissue option. This will allow you to enter the correct email address and send a new redemption code email.


Canceling a card can only be done if it has not been used yet. This will refund the entire purchase amount back to the buyer and make the redemption code void.

If you ever want to stop selling gift cards, use the Disable button at the top of the page in Store > Products > Gift Cards. This will remove the gift card product from your store so no one can purchase them anymore, but anyone who has bought a gift card in the past and has a balance can still use that to purchase items from your site. You’ll also still be able to view and manage past purchases from the Gift Cards page.

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