All About Gift Cards

Selling gift cards requires the Performance plan.

Along with physical, digital, and service products, you can also offer gift cards. Your customer can purchase a certain denomination and the card is emailed to the recipient who can then redeem it at your store. These cards don't incur additional fees and they never expire. 

Note: Gift Cards come with legal implications specific to your location. For example, some states require merchants to pay the state for unused gift cards after a certain number of years. If you plan on selling gift cards, it's in your best interest to speak with a professional about selling and managing gift cards.
Creating Gift Card Products
You create gift cards as products in your store. You decide on the denominations that you want to offer and set those up as product options.
More about creating a gift card as a product here.
Gift Cards in Your Store
Once you create your card as a product, you display it in your store. If you add it to a category, it will display on that category's page. Or you can use the Products element to display it on any page you'd like.
When a customer chooses a gift card from your store, instead of showing the standard product page, they're taken to a page where they can select an amount, add sender and recipient info, and a personalized message.
Once added, gift cards are displayed in the cart similarly to how other product types are displayed.
Note: Customers cannot use coupons when purchasing gift cards.
When the order is complete, you receive an email and the purchaser receives an order confirmation that contains the details of the gift card.
A separate email containing the gift card details is delivered to the recipient.
Included in the email is a unique 12-digit code that the recipient uses during the checkout flow of your store.
Note: All emails can be customized to match your store.
Recipients can check the balance of the card by clicking the link in the email and entering their code and email.
When recipients shop at your store, they have the option of using the card for payment during checkout. They enter the gift card code and apply it to the order. Any remaining balance can be paid using other payment methods your store accepts.
If the recipient returns goods bought with a gift card, Weebly processes the refund and returns the amount to the same gift card. If another payment was used in conjunction with the gift card (i.e. the refund is larger than the original card amount), the refund is posted to that payment first and the remainder to the gift card. The recipient receives a refund email stating that money was put back onto the card.
Managing Gift Cards
You manage gift cards from the same page that you create them. The gift card table on this page shows issued gift cards. You can see the balance of each card from here. You can choose to export gift card history to a CSV file.
You view details of a card by clicking it in the table. You can see the card's details, like the recipient and sender. You can also see all transactions against it, for example the amount redeemed per order and refunds. You can also resend, reissue, or cancel the card. More about managing cards here.
Read the following topics to learn how to create a gift card product, disable gift card products, personalize your gift card emails, and manage issued gift cards.
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