The Tabs app makes it easy to group related content into a single element, saving valuable space on your page while giving your site a clean, well-organized look.

Install the Tabs app if you haven’t already done so and drag the element to the page.

Click on the Tabs element to bring up the settings. There are a few different options you can configure, but first you should decide how many tabs you need. You can have up to 10 tabs in a single element, and the number can be changed using the + and - buttons or by typing into the number field. Next, choose a style and colors for your tabs and borders. Give each tab a name by clicking on it and typing. You can change the look of this text by selecting it and using the text editing toolbar.

When you’re ready, you can start adding content to the element. Each tab is like a miniature page on your website - you can drag different elements in and arrange them within the tabs just like on a regular page.

Need to remove a tab? You can do that using the minus button in the settings, but note that the rightmost tab in the element will be the one that gets removed. There isn’t a way to manually rearrange the order of the tabs, so that’s something to keep in mind. You can always make a copy of the element first if you’re not sure - just click on the upper left arrow, select Copy, and choose where you’d like the copy to go.

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