Manage Gift Cards

Every gift card is tracked on the Gift Card page (STORE > Products > Gift Cards). You can see when the card was purchased, the recipient info, the redemption code, and the balance.

You can search for gift cards by the redemption code. You can also filter by gift card statuses: Active, No Balance, and Cancelled. And you can export your Gift Card history.
To view details for a specific gift card, including all transactions against it, click it in the table to open its details page.
From this details page, you can resend, reissue, or cancel a gift card.
You can also access the details page from the Order Details page. A link to the card details displays with the product information.
Resend or Reissue a Gift Card
You can resend a card if the recipient claims to have lost it or did not receive it. When you resend a card, it goes to the original recipient email (this email can't be changed).
If it turns out the gift card was sent to an incorrect email address, or if the purchaser is concerned it ended up in the wrong hands, then instead of resending the card, you should reissue it. Reissuing causes a new code to be sent, invalidates the original, and transfers the remaining balance. You can reissue a card to the same or to a different email.
To resend or reissue a gift card:
  1. Go to STORE > Products > Gift Cards.
  2. In the Issued Gift Card table, click on the gift card to resend or reissue.
  3. To resend, click Resend Code. Another email containing the same code will be sent to the recipient at the original email address.
  4. To reissue, click Reissue Card. Enter an email for where this new card should be sent, and click Send. A new code will be sent to that email.
Cancel a Gift Card
Unlike other products in an order, you cancel a gift card from the gift card details page (but you can access that details page from the order details). You can cancel a card only if it hasn't been used. When you cancel a card, the full amount is refunded to the purchaser. 
Note: If you want to cancel and then create a new one because the original was lost or stolen, reissue the card instead of cancelling it.
Once the cancellation is confirmed, the balance shows Cancelled.
Export Gift Card History
Click the Export button at the top of the Issued Gift Cards table to export a history of issued gift cards. You can choose to export all cards or only those with a remaining balance. You can also set a date range.
When you click Export, a CSV file is downloaded to a directory of your choice. Open this file in any application that supports CSV files, such as Microsoft Excel, or Apple Numbers. If you are using Google Sheets, then you'll need to import the CSV file (File > Import) into a blank sheet.
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