Understanding How the From Address Displays for Recipients

Why is the from address on my Promote emails different from what I entered in my Sender Profile?

It may seem odd, but there’s a very good reason for this. Many ISPs and email providers use a protocol known as DMARC to ensure that emails delivered to their customers are legitimate. In order for this to work, Promote emails can’t be sent from a domain that implements DMARC. Otherwise those emails might not be delivered or could be sent to a spam folder.

To prevent this Promote automatically changes the from address for emails that would conflict with a provider’s DMARC settings. This allows the receiving email service to see that the message is adhering to this protocol and isn’t junk. That’s why the from address has to be different from what you entered in your Sender Profile.

I don’t want the from address to display like that on my messages. What can I do?

If you’re using a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo, you may want to invest in a paid email service for your domain, like GSuite. If your Sender Profile email is at your own domain name (eg, admin@mydomain.com) then your recipients will see that as the from address, as shown below.

If you don’t want to purchase email for your domain name, you don’t have to. The address in the from field display won’t cause any harm to your campaign performance or confuse your recipients because the reply-to address will always be the one from your Sender Profile, so you won't miss any replies to your messages.

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