Create a Gift Card Product

Gift cards are created similarly to other products. You enter a name for the card, upload an image (or use our stock image), and then offer different denominations, configured as product options. For example, you might offer a $10, a $25, and a $50 gift card.

Note: Gift cards cannot be imported or exported. You should have your currency configured before creating gift cards.
Enable gift cards for your site by going to Store > Products > Gift Cards and select Enable.
Set up your card in mostly the same way you set up your other products.
Note the following when creating your gift card:
  • You can use the default name, message, image, and denominations, or use your own.
  • Denominations are handled like product options. Each denomination can have a separate SKU number, but this is optional. Nothing about the SKU will display to the customer if you don't enter one.
Once you've configured your gift card, it's available for display in your store.
Ways to Promote Gift Cards on Your Site
Here are some ideas about how to make gift cards more prominent in your store.
Use Products Element to add it to any page
Drag the Products element onto any page and choose your gift card.
You can then use the Products dialog to manage the way the gift card displays on the page. For example, you might decide to feature your gift card with other products for the holiday season and display them in a scrollable single row.
Or you can use that element to feature your gift card on your Home page.
More about using the Products element here.
Add to specific categories
Category pages display all the products that are assigned to them. Add your gift card to a category and it will display on the page with all the other products in that category.
Have your gift card appear as a navigation link
Create a new product page (choose Product when you create a new page) and select eGift Card from the Product drop down.
The page name will appear in your navigation menu on your site, allowing users to navigate directly to the Gift Card page.


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