Price Chart

The Price Chart app is a great way to display pricing plans or similar information in a clean, attractive format.

Install the Price Chart app if you haven’t already done so and drag the element to the page you want to use it on.

Click on the app to bring up the settings and enter the number of plans you want. Change the number using the + and - minus buttons or type directly into the number field. Each plan will add a column with rows for title, price, and features. The number of feature rows you select will be applied to all of the plan columns in your chart.

In the settings you can also choose from 25 different currencies to display your prices in, set the global alignment and colors for the chart and change the position of the button. To modify the look of the buttons in your plans, click directly on any one of them to access its individual settings.

Once you’ve got everything set up, go ahead and customize the default text to say whatever you want. Want to change the color of the text in the chart? Select the text you want to modify and use the text editing tool bar to apply a new color or style.


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