Why Do I Have to Upgrade to PayPal Express?

With the release of Weebly 4, we've upgraded our checkout to work with PayPal Express. This upgrade offers many advantages for your customers, including the ability to choose PayPal when they don't have an account, and flexibility to choose a payment method at PayPal. According to PayPal, a customer is twice as likely to complete their transaction when PayPal Express is used.

And there's plenty of advantages for you too! PayPal Express eliminates some of the headaches we know existed in the previous PayPal integration. With this update you'll find:
  • No more overselling your products: Purchases are verified in additional steps so that customers won't be able to purchase a product that's out of stock.
  • Expired coupons won't be accepted: Additional verification ensures that customers whose coupons expire before they finish their purchase will be notified, and the coupon will be removed.
  • Taxes and shipping amounts won't change: Our new shipping and taxes works seamlessly with PayPal Express. What is shown in the order in your site is what the customer will be charged via PayPal.
  • Order totals on your site and PayPal will always be the same: Orders are verified and synched with PayPal before the purchase is completed.
There's no additional charge for you to upgrade, so you get all that reassurance at no extra cost!
PayPal Express does require you to have a Business Account with them, but don’t worry, the same fee structure applies (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction). We’ve also made it easy to get started, all you need to do is enter in an email address. When it comes time to withdraw your funds from PayPal you will be required to provide them with a bit of additional data so that they can deposit the money into your bank account. But you can accept orders and process transactions before you fill out this additional information - all you need to get started is an email address!
To start using PayPal Express, update your account connection in STORE > Setup > Checkout and click the Update button in the Accept PayPal box.
Note: While your current PayPal account will continue to work if you don't upgrade, Weebly will no longer support it. We've upgraded so that the inconsistencies from the past will no longer occur. We want to ensure that you and your customers have the best experience possible, so we strongly recommend that you upgrade.
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