FAQ is a quick and easy way to create a collapsible list of items in a question and answer format.

Install the FAQ app if you haven’t already done so and drag the element to the page you want to use it on.

Click on the app to bring up the settings and enter the number of question and answer panels you need. Change the number using the + and - minus buttons or by typing directly into the number field. Each new item will be added to the bottom of the list. Similarly, decreasing the number will remove the last item in the list. It’s not possible to insert items into the middle of the list, so you may want to plan your FAQ before starting.

Choose a display style for the app and background colors for your questions and answers. Need to change the color of the text in a question or answer? Select the text you want to modify and use the text editing tool bar to apply a new color or style. When you’re finished with the settings, you can start adding content. Click on a question to enter your own text, then click the + icon to expand the panel and type in the corresponding answer.

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