Team Cards

With Team Cards you can quickly create a stylish, professional page to introduce your group, team, or anyone you want.

Install the Team Cards app if you haven’t already done so and drag the element to the page you want it to be shown on.

The element will appear as shown above at first, but you can customize it with your own image and details. Click the icon at the top to upload the picture you want to use, then click on any of the text to type in your own. The button has its own set of options, so click on it to customize the text, style, position and spacing, and link the button to a page or website.

Now that you’ve added your own content, you’ll want to configure the settings for the Team Card element. Choose from two sizes and image display styles, and toggle the title text, about text, and button on and off.

Want to have multiple team cards in a single row? Simply add more Team Cards elements to your page and position them side by side. Learn how to do that here.

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