Add More eCommerce Functionality with Apps

Need more functionality for your online store, like text alerts for new orders, or subscription pricing?

Look no further than the Weebly App Center! Here you'll find tons of third-party apps that can add functionality to your store.

Apps from our App Center have been thoroughly tested and are Weebly-approved, so you can be assured that they'll work on your site. They're incredibly easy to install (just one click!) and many offer tutorials and tooltips to help you get started. Most work just like standard Weebly elements - they live in the element sidebar, you drag them onto a page, and configure them using the settings dialog. Others are installed directly onto the page or into your site, and you manage them from a dashboard card that's installed into your Site Home page.

Because these are mostly third-party apps (Weebly does make some of them), they are supported by those third parties, and not by Weebly. But managing your apps and getting support is super easy. Simply visit the My Apps page, accessed from the Settings tab, and click the button to get support or visit the app's listing page.

More about installing and using apps here.

Here are some of the great eCommerce apps you can install:

Add Analytics

These apps will help you see how your store is performing by showing you data like average order value, new / returning visitors, and repeat customers. 

Enhance Coupons

Use these apps to add more functionality to your coupons, like popup offers and custom design.

Enhance Shipping

 Offer free shipping promotions, use fulfillment services, create shipping labels, and more.

Promote Your Store

Add these apps to create popups, mailing lists, and promote sales.

Accept Donations

These apps allow you to accept donations.

Recurring Subscriptions

Allow your customers to subscribe to a service or product.


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