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The Site Home screen provides quick access to useful information about your site. Tap on the site you wish to work with after logging in, and you’ll be taken to Site Home. The currently selected site name and header image is displayed at the top along with the Edit Site button.  You can choose a different site by tapping on Home in the upper left corner and then on My Sites. Adding a new site is just as simple - just tap on the + icon in the lower right corner of the My Sites screen and follow the prompts.

Let’s take a brief look at each section of Site Home and what you can do with it.

TIP: You can always return to the Site Home screen or select another section to view using the menu in the upper left hand corner. If you don’t see the menu, use the back arrow to return to the previous screen first.



While you can see basic weekly numbers at a glance from the main screen, tapping on the Stats menu will give you a more in-depth view. Swipe left to see additional information such as top pages, and use the bottom buttons to view data for a different timeframe.



If you’re selling from your site, the Store screen will allow you to view and manage your orders and products. The default view is all orders, but tapping the drop down arrow in the upper right will allow you to filter the orders by status. You can tap on any order to view the details or update the status via the Actions button.



Tap Products to switch to the products view, and then tap any product to view its details or make changes to it. Tap Save when you’re finished, or tap the X icon to cancel and leave the product edit screen. You can also create a new product using the red + icon at the lower right.



If you have a blog, you can manage your posts and any comments you’ve received here. Edit existing posts by tapping Published and selecting a post to update, or create a brand new post using the red + icon on the bottom of the Blog screen.

Tapping on Approved Comments from Site Home will take you directly to your comments, but you can access them from the blog screen as well.



If you have a form on your site, you can view and manage any submissions you’ve received via the Form Entries screen. All your existing and previously deleted forms will be displayed here, and you can view and reply to individual entries by tapping on a form.




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