Start a Blog

Creating and managing a blog with the Weebly app is a little different than on the website, but it’s just as easy. On the Site Home screen, tap the blog menu to get started.

If you don’t have a blog, you’ll be prompted to create one. If you do have one, you’ll see several options for posts and comments as shown above.


Blog posts can be in one of three states: published, scheduled, or in draft. Tapping on Published will show you all of your blog posts, and you can tap any one of them to make edits and re-publish the post.

Scheduled posts are exactly what they sound like - they’ve already been written and are waiting to be automatically published at the date and time you specified. Tap on Scheduled to view or make modifications to any scheduled posts.

Drafts contains any posts that you opted to save and finish later. Tap here to view and edit any drafts you have saved.

To create a new post, tap the + icon to open the post editor. There are just a couple of options here: Build, which includes all the elements you can add to a blog post (link to article about elements), and Options, which will allow you to set preferences for comments, schedule the publish date, and more. Once you’ve written your post, you can publish it to your site or save it as a draft to finish later. To save a post, tap the X in the upper left - the post will automatically be saved to Drafts.


Like posts, comments have a few different statuses:

Approved: these are comments that are live and visible on your website.

Pending: If you require approval for comments in your blog settings, you’ll find comments awaiting your approval here.

Deleted: Just what you would imagine - comments that have been deleted are in this section.

Spam: Comments here have tripped the spam alarms, but you may want to check once in a while to make sure an innocent comment wasn’t misclassified.

Finally, tapping the Blog menu at the top of the screen and then on Settings will allow you to choose how comments are handled by default for your entire blog, and when (if ever) to close comment threads. You can override the default comment behavior for individual posts using the options in the post editor.


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