Weebly Referral Program FAQ

How do I refer someone to Weebly?

You can share your unique link with anyone you'd like to invite to Weebly. Click “Refer & Save” at the top of your dashboard to get the link. If someone signs up through your link, you’ll be listed as their referrer and will be eligible to earn Weebly credit if they subscribe to a paid plan.

How do I check on the status of my referrals?

Click on Account in the drop down menu at the upper right of the dashboard. From there, click Referral History to see the status of your referrals.

How am I rewarded for referrals?

When one of your friends purchases a Weebly subscription, you become eligible to receive a $25 credit. The credit will be added to your account 31 days after this purchase, as long as they have not canceled or refunded their Weebly subscription.

How can I use the credit I’ve received?

The credit will automatically be applied to your next Weebly purchase. If you have a monthly subscription, that may be your next Weebly purchase. In that case, the credit will be deducted from your bill.

Are there any restrictions to using my referral credit?

Credit cannot be used for a domain purchase, domain transfer, or a Google Apps subscription. For more information, please see our full Terms of Service.

Are there limitations on the amount of credit I can earn?

You can refer as many people as you’d like, but you can only earn 100$ of credit per month.


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