Print a Shipping Label

If you’re on the Business plan or better, you can save money by creating shipping labels from within your Weebly account. Print labels for individual orders or print them in bulk to save time - the process is simple either way!

Note: Creating a label from within Weebly requires a Shippo account with a credit card on file, so you will need to create a new account if you don’t have one connected already. You can do this one time setup process directly on Weebly the first time you create a label.


From the Store page, click the Create Shipping Labels button and select the order or orders you want to ship. Click the Select Packaging button to continue.

Note: You can only choose one type of packaging in the next step, so if you’re going to print multiple labels, be sure to choose orders that will fit into the same package size.


Choose a package type from the dropdown menu and configure any add-on options. If you want to insure the items, enter a dollar amount in the corresponding field. This is the amount your packages will be insured for in addition to any base insurance provided by your chosen carrier. Click Select Service to move on to the next step.


This is the final step before actually paying for your shipping labels. Make sure everything looks okay - if not, you can make changes to the service using the the dropdown menus or go back to the beginning with the Start Over button. When you’re ready, click the Purchase button to complete the order and pay for your labels. The card on file in your Shippo account will be charged at this point.  


Next, print your labels and packing slips and click Done to go back to the Store page. You’ll see that the order statuses have been set to shipped.


The order details page will be updated with the shipping date and tracking information. Click Edit to view additional information or refund the label if need be. You can also print the packing slip and label from here if you haven't already done that.

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