Print a Shipping Label

If you’re on the Business plan or better, you can save time and money by creating shipping labels for your orders right from your Weebly account.



From the Store page, click Orders and locate the order you want to ship. You can search or use the Pending status filter to view all orders waiting to be shipped. Click the Create Shipping Label button on the order view page to get started.


Check the sender and recipient addresses to make sure they’re accurate. If not, you can click edit to correct them. You can also change the number items in the shipment if necessary.


Here you can see which shipping option your customer selected at checkout, which is free shipping in this example. Choose the carrier you want to use and enter the packaging type and total package weight to see what rates are available. You can pick from the list of pre-defined packages or use a custom box.

Note: If you’re using Real-Time Shipping, you can change which options will be shown to your customers at checkout by editing the shipping rate.




Select one of the rates shown, and check the boxes if you want to notify the customer that their item is being shipped or require them to sign for the package. You can also pay for additional insurance if you would like to. Choose a size for your label. This option will be saved after your first purchase, but you can change it in Setup > Shipping > Advanced Settings > Label Format.

When you’re ready, click Purchase to pay for the label. Note: Creating a label from within Weebly requires a Shippo account with a credit card on file, so you will need to create a new account or log in to an existing one to continue. You can do this one time setup process directly on Weebly the first time you create a label.


After purchasing, you’ll see the details and tracking information for this shipment. Click Print Label to open the label itself for printing. You can also refund the label purchase from this page if need be. When you’re finished, click Done.


On the Orders page, this order will automatically be marked as shipped and the order details will be updated with the shipping date and tracking information.

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