GDPR: What Weebly is Doing

Weebly has been diligently working to make sure that we are fully compliant with the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on May 25th, 2018. To further support you towards compliance, we wanted to give you an update regarding the new tools and features we’ve built to support the GDPR.

Note: All features discussed below will be ready on or before 5/25 to ensure that Weebly is in compliance.

Processing Data Subject Rights Requests on Weebly

A major component of the GDPR gives site users the right to access, correct, port and erase their personal data. As part of our effort to support these user rights, Weebly has taken steps to make it easy for users to request to download or delete their customer data. If you’d like us to process one of these requests, simply reach out to us at, and we can take care of it!

New Cookie Banner for Published Sites

Weebly will automatically display a cookie notification banner on published sites when visited from a European IP address. Until the site visitor consents to the use of cookies through this banner, cookie-setting functionality will not work on the published site. Note that the cookie banner will only appear on the first page a site visitors navigates to.


The cookie banner will also contain a link to, which provides site users in the EU with information about cookies, and the steps they can take to protect their privacy on the Internet. The cookie banner also allows site owners to add their privacy policy to the banner so that their visitors can use that as a reference for how their data is processed.

New Cookie Opt-Out Element

Allows a Site Owner to create a cookie opt out on a page. The element includes a button and a paragraph with disclaimer text above a button labeled “Opt Out of Cookies.” On published sites, if a site’s user has accepted cookies via our new cookie banner, they can use the new Opt-Out Element to opt-out at any time. Once they have opted out, the message in the element button will change, and the new cookie banner will once again be placed over the page, prompting them to accept.

Note: Opt-out text is not customizable


Updates to Weebly’s Form and Newsletter Elements

Because many Site Owners choose to collect Site User information with Weebly forms, we are adding an opt-in feature to these forms. You will now have the ability to enable an opt-in checkbox with compliance language, and to make this opt-in is required for submission.

Note: Opt-out text is not customizable. You can however build your own by adding a Required Checkbox and setting the text as you’d like. You can also add multiple consent checkboxes this way. More info on working with forms here.


Updated Buyer Address Options for Store Checkout

Provides sellers with the option of not collecting the buyer address under certain circumstances, such as when selling digital products.

Considerations Regarding Insights Stats

There is a chance that Insight Stats for sites with a lot of EU visitors might drop due to these users opting to disable cookies.

GDPR Considerations for Your Site

As you begin to update your sites to prepare for GDPR, if you’re collecting customer data, you might consider adding a Privacy Policy to your website. If you already have one, you should ask an attorney, or a GDPR consultant, to review the terms to make sure it complies with the expanded requirements under GDPR.
Additionally, if you are using any third-party services to gather or process customer data, you will need to check with those companies to verify they are GDPR compliant and will assist with, among other things, site users’ data removal and portability requests.

Please note that the information provided herein is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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