Configure Your Cookie Notification Banner

Under GDPR, you must inform your visitors about the use of cookies on your website and obtain their consent before cookies can be used. Weebly provides a cookie notification banner with a consent button for each website. This banner will appear at the bottom of the first page a visitor views. Cookies will only be set for visitors who click the "I accept" button. If a visitor clicks "Remind me later" or navigates to another page without clicking the accept button, no cookies will be set. 

Note: There are some operational cookies that are essential to the functions of our product.


You can choose to display your banner to all website visitors or limit it to only those with an IP address based in the EU. You may also add a link to your own privacy policy to allow your visitors to learn more about how you are gathering and processing information. If you want to customize the text displayed on the banner, you can use the field here to do so. The default text is shown in the image above. When you're done, click the publish button to update the banner on your live website. 


Now that your visitors can consent to the use of cookies on your website, you can add an opt-out element to allow them to retract consent at any time. 

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