Square Gift Cards

Note: Enabling Gift Card functionality in Weebly requires the Performance plan.

If you’ve enabled Square as your payment processor and are using Square’s gift cards feature, your customers can redeem these when shopping on your website as well as in person.


If you have not set up gift cards in your Square account, go to your Square dashboard to do that first. 


In your Square dashboard, click on Get Started and choose which, if any, of the pre-made designs you want to use for your gift cards. You can also upload your own design to personalize them with your company branding.


Next you’ll need to enter the amounts you want to offer. There are four presets you can configure for buyers to choose from. They can also choose a custom amount within the range defined by the minimum and maximum load amounts entered here. You’ll manage all aspects of your gift cards from your Square dashboard, and you can learn more about working with Square gift cards in this guide.


Want to sell gift cards from your website? Try adding a link to your navigation menu to help customers quickly find and purchase them. To do this, first go to Gift Cards > eGift Cards > Configure in your Square dashboard. Copy the link to sell gift cards online, and then log into the Weebly editor.

From the Pages tab, add a new page and select the External Page option. Give the new page a name, paste in the URL you copied from Square, and save your changes. Re-publish your website to see the new page in your navigation menu.


When a customer visits this page, they will be shown all of the options you set up for your gift cards. Note that if you are also selling physical gift cards customers can use those at your website as well.

To learn more about Square gift cards, check out these support guides:


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