Product Modifiers

Product modifiers allow you to sell items that are customizable or offer additional choices. These are different from product variations such as size or color, as they are not tied to your inventory levels and, once created, can be applied to any product. You can use product variations together with modifiers to create products with a range of options for your customers to choose from. For example, let’s say you’re selling bags of coffee in different weights and grind types. Your product variations would be the bag size (1 lb, 2 lb, etc), and your modifiers would be the type of grind (whole bean, espresso grind, etc).


When adding or editing a product, scroll down to the product options section and click the checkbox to enable modifiers, then click Manage Modifiers. On the next screen, click the link to create your first modifier.


There are two types of product modifiers: a text input box, and a list of options. Click on the type you want to add. The example product in this article is personalized stationery, so we’ll look at adding both types of modifiers.


Add a title for your list and then enter each item (and an optional price adjustment) below, clicking Done after each entry. When you’re finished, click Save to return to the modifier management page and click the Create new button to add a new modifier.


The text box modifier has only a few options:
Text Box Label, Character limit, and an option to make the field required. Click save when you’re done to return to the management page again.


If you need to add more, follow the steps outlined above. Use the checkboxes next to each modifier to enable or disable it for this product. You can also edit, duplicate, or delete modifiers by clicking the “. . .” icon. Click Done in the upper right to return to the product editing screen. 


You’ll see all of the modifiers you applied to this product here. Modifiers are saved separately, so you can quickly apply them to other products - they’ll show up in the manage modifiers screen any time you create or edit a product. You can adjust modifier settings individually at the product level, and those changes will not affect any other products which may be using the same modifiers. Click the gear icon to access these additional settings (list type only).


Here you can adjust the number of choices required and allowed for the product - in this example, we don’t want the customer to choose more than one typeface, so the minimum and maximum number are both set to 1. If you change the maximum number to anything higher than 1, the options will be displayed as checkboxes instead of a list.
You can also choose an item (or items) to be selected by default, and optionally hide individual items if they aren’t available for this specific product.


When a customer views your product page, they’ll see the modifiers and options you added and will be able to choose what they want before adding the item to the cart.



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